Digital images are transferred to the paper in one pass, using lasers and ink. The printed finish is smooth and the amount of colors used is unlimited. 


Thermography is a print method that creates a raised effect. A flat printed piece is sprinkled with thermography powder. The powder mixes with the wet ink and then the card is heated to melt and activate the powder, which raises the ink. 


The letterpress impression is created using metal plates that are inked and pressed into the paper to create a print. Unlike other print methods, metallic letterpress inks will lose their shimmer when pressed. Therefore, foil stamping is commonly combined with letterpress printing. The letterpress impression appears best when used on thick, cotton paper. 


For this print method, the image is first engraved onto a metal plate. The plate is then filled with ink and the paper is pressed into the plate, creating a raised impression of ink on the card. 

Foil Stamped

Similar to letterpress, a heated metal plate is created to imprint a thin film of foil onto the paper. Foil sits on top of the canvas and gives an elegant metallic color to the final printed piece.