When do I need to order my wedding invitations?

Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

Custom invitations take approximately 6 weeks for design and production, and you will want to leave yourself plenty of time for addressing, stuffing, and mailing. Which means you should order your invitations at least 4 months before your wedding date.

One thing to keep in mind is hand calligraphers take roughly 3-4 weeks for an envelope addressing order. If you plan on hiring a calligrapher, you should order your invitations even earlier, or work with your stationer to have the envelopes shipped prior to the invitations.  

How many cards do I need in my wedding invitation suite?

The main items in your invitation suite are the invitation itself, which contains information for the ceremony, and the reply card. Each of these cards will come with an envelope.

If your reception is at a separate location than your ceremony, a reception card should be included to provide these details. If the reception is at the same location as your ceremony, a reception card is not needed, and wording such as “Reception to follow” can be printed on your ceremony invitation.

Including any additional cards depends on how much information you would like to provide in your invitation suite. Accommodation information can be very helpful to out-of-town guests; include the hotels in which you have room blocks, as well as contact information for the hotel, and a hotel booking deadline.

If you would like to incorporate your wedding website, this can either be placed on its own card, or can be added to the bottom of your accommodations card. Many couples will do an “Information Card” which would include accommodations and any other information you would like to provide to your guests. 


Do I need an inner envelope?

Having double envelopes is a traditional way of doing things. Double envelopes give a more formal feel. They also make sure that your invitation and inner envelope stays in pristine condition.

When addressing double envelopes, the outer envelope will contain the mailing information and the inner envelope will specify the names of guests that are invited.

How far in advance should my guests RSVP?

If you plan on sending your invitations out 8 weeks in advance, you should set your reply by date to 4 weeks before the wedding. This gives your guests plenty of time to send their replies, but also gives you time to follow up before having to give your final headcount to the venue. If sending your invitations 6 weeks before the wedding, make your reply 3 weeks in advance.

Should I include a dress code on my wedding invitation?

Typically, unless it is a black tie event, the dress code is not included. The time and location of the ceremony, as well as the look of the invitation should dictate what the guest should wear. However, if you feel that it is necessary to include dress code, this information would go in the bottom right corner of the invitation, on the reception card, or included on the wedding website. 

Should I include registry information on my wedding invitation?

It is considered poor etiquette to put your registry information on your invitation. However, make sure to add this information on your wedding website.